Changes to ECOSS Constitution.


2 Purposes (a) The principle purpose of the association is to protect and enhance the natural environment by demonstrating and supporting innovation and best practice in ecological and social sustainability including regenerative land use, renewable energies and resources and the local production of food.

(b) In furtherance of its principle purpose the association will operate a recreation, education and training facility to demonstrate sustainable living solutions for the community of the Yarra Valley and beyond.

12 Membership Fee (1) (a) ECOSS membership fees are – individual $10, family $20 and Corporate $50.

(b) These fees are not subject to a time period and they constitute a life membership.

(2) Fees can be paid at any time during the year.

(3) There is another class of members who are known as subscriber-members with no joining fee and who receive the newsletter with no other benefits.

PART 8 – DGR RULES This section applies if the organisation is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient on the Registration of Environmental organisations 78 Establishment of the Public Fund To establish and maintain a public fund to be called the ECOSS Sustainability Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects/purposes of Yarra Valley ECOSS. The Fund is established to receive all gifts of money or property for this purpose and any money received because of such gifts must be credited to its bank account. The Fund must not receive any other money or property into its account and it must comply with subdivision 30-E of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. 79 Ministerial Rules Yarra Valley ECOSS agrees to comply with any rules that the Treasurer and the Minister with responsibility for the environment may make to ensure that gifts made to the fund are only used for its principal purpose.

80 Not for Profit The income and property of Yarra Valley ECOSS shall be used and applied solely in promotion of its objects and no portion shall be distributed, paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or by way of profit to members, directors, or trustees of the organisation.

81 Conduit Policy Any allocation of funds or property to other persons or organisations will be made in accordance with the established purposes of the organisation and not be influenced by the preference of the donor.

82 Winding Up; In case of the winding-up of the Fund, any surplus assets will be transferred to another fund with similar objectives that is on the Register of Environmental Organisations

83 Statistical Information; Statistical information requested by the Department on donations to the ECOSS Sustainability Fund will be provided within four months of the end of the financial year. An audited financial statement for the organisation and its public fund will be supplied with the annual statistical return. The statement will provide information on the expenditure of public fund monies and the management of public fund assets.

84 Public Fund Rules 84.1 The objective of the fund is to support Yarra Valley ECOSS’ environmental purposes.

84.2 Members of the public will be invited to make gifts of money or property to the fund for the environmental purposes of the organisation.

84.3 Money from interest on donations, income derived from donated property, and money from the realisation of such property will be deposited into the fund.

84.4 A separate bank account will be opened to deposit money donated to the fund, including interest accruing thereon, and gifts to it will be kept separate from other funds of the organisation.

84.5 Receipts will be issued in the name of the fund and proper accounting records and procedures will be kept and used for the fund.

84.6 The fund will be operated on a not-for-profit basis.

84.7 A committee of management of no fewer than three persons will administer the fund. The committee will be appointed by the organisation. A majority of the members of the committee are required to be ‘responsible persons’ as defined by the Guidelines to the Register of Environmental Organisations. ════════════

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