Community Park Concept

Those associated with the establishment of Yarra Valley ECOSS could see the potential to develop a Community Environment Park with a rural focus, using CERES Community Environment Park in urban Melbourne as the primary model. The steering committee was inspired by the potential of CERES to engender a culture of sustainability through harnessing the creative energy of the community ( There are other well established models overseas as well, such as Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales ( and Auroville in India ( Community Environment Centres are springing up across Australia and the world. The rural property which is our home base, provides an opportunity to create an environment park with a rural focus to complement CERES and the other community environment parks in urban Melbourne. In 2009 a Master Plan for the site was developed in consultation with the community. This plan was adopted by the Yarra Ranges Council and forms the basic reference document for the development of the park.

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