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Our Site – A Sense of Place

The 7.4 hectare site at 711 Old Warburton Rd, Wesburn, a poultry farm in a previous life, is a lovely rural and bush landscape setting. There are some great established gardens, substantial buildings including an old farm house, and the frames of two massive chicken sheds. There is huge potential and opportunity for creative development of this site.

For the first couple of years working groups and volunteers worked tirelessly to clean up the site and renovate the old farm house for use as the interim site-centre. Already many hundreds of hours of volunteer time have been put into maintenance and preparation of the old farm house, turning weedy grass into lawns and establishing demonstration gardens.

More recently a series of grants has enabled us to employ staff and commence a series of community enterprises. 

Our ECOSS owned enterprises include our NASAA Certified Organic Nursery.  We deliver direct to the public via our Shop – open Tuesdays- Thursdays 9.30am-4pm.  Our nurseries grow to order for farmers or the public.  Currently we have lots of Organically grown Native Seedlings that need to move to their new home, so please come and choose what you would like for your garden.  

Also on site we have an exciting Sustainable Building Centre.  Currently a Tiny Home is under construction here, as well as some hempcrete and straw bale demonstration walls made by the latest Sustainable Building Workshop participants.  There is also some Bengali Rocket Fuel stove demonstrations amongst the beautiful gathering areas.

We have a beautiful dam recently revegetated, which will be used by our School Program for ponding activities.

We have some Environmental groups co-locating with us at the moment including Warburton Environment, Upper Yarra Landcare and Beans and Bananas food Coop, creating our environment hub.

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