Practical Earth Education at ECOSS

Here at Yarra Valley ECOSS we are passionate about creating educational opportunities for students that offer life long practical skills outside of the classroom. We design projects on site that offer physical projects matched to enhancing the Education Trail here at ECOSS, and growing Practical Earth Education Skills.
Learning in nature can calm the soul, and for those operating with challenging life scenarios, this may be the only way to learn.
We design projects specifically for the skill level of the students attending. Currently we host Cire Community School students one day per week. The projects they have undertaken in 2018 include: building a nature playground, musical cubby, bottle wall building, bicycle Upcycling and more.
We are also currently hosting Upper Yarra Secondary College one day per week, their projects include: Bicycle Upcycling, cubby building, bottle walling, mud brick making- for our Pizza Oven they’re about to build.
Our facilitators are experienced in working with students with varying ranges of abilities and behaviours. They are supported by our School Program Coordinator Kylie Barnes.
If you are interested in your school participating in Practical Earth Education at ECOSS please email Kylie at
The joy of participating in programs at ECOSS are extended to the public via the outcomes of the projects. We offer the students Certificates of Completion at the end of projects at ECOSS.

ECOSS Spring Fest 2018!

Saturday September 22nd, 10am-4pm will be our Annual Spring Fest Extravaganza! 

Wake up and Bloom for Spring.  This year’s abundant festivities include ‘The Great Ecological Race’- wheelbarrow race between Middle years kids and their parents, MC’d by the Fabulous and Fantastic Will Tait.  

Welcome to Country with Aunty Kim Wandin (Wandoon) Wurundjeri Elder.

Multicultural performances from Aztec Dance, Zaar Belly Dance, Tuvaluan Dancers, and we are waiting on confirmation from MORE!

Tiny House tour, Bio-dynamic Farm tour, ECOSS projects tour, and GRAND OPENING OF RELAB- (rehab for old items- up cycling and boutique craft centre!).  

Eco – Market with delicious local, healthy food and drinks!

Meet- Yarra Valley Bee Group, Kids Clay play in the Community Pottery Studio, LGBTQI+ rainbow flag painting and loads more activities underway. 


Xibalba – Roots of the Tree of Life – Cacao Ceremony & Dance

As we emerge from the Winter Solstice, we are guided by Xibalba the Roots of the Sacred Tree of Life in the Mayan tradition. Exploring the underworld and giving thanks for all we receive in life. Cacao was given to the people by Quetzalcoatl – who represents knowledge, beauty, wisdom and light. He gifted corn and cacao to the humans to represent our connection to Earth and Spirit. Cacao connects us to the Roots of the Sacred Tree of Life, and helps us to understand that everything in our reality is sustained by this Tree. 
Fernando and Antonia of Tonantzin – Aztec Artisan Chocolate will be hosting an afternoon of prayer and gratitude offerings working with the Spirit of Cacao.

We will begin with a some Qi Gong to connect with the land and our intentions, before entering the Tipi with the Sacred Fire at the centre. We wil be focusing our intentions on our sacred relationships to the four elements, and working through our hearts with the Cacao Spirit as our allay. We will be giving offerings to the Fire, praying over the Water, receiving a cleansing with the white smoke of Copal resin and leaving cacao on the Earth to show our gratitude for all that we receive. Looking into our lives we will be releasing all that does not serve us, transmuting toxic energy that holds us back from our paths and purpose. Through the singing of medicine songs, we will be receiving the Cacao to open our hearts to gratitude. We will then embody the Cacao Spirit and prayers offered with a YOKEdance journey facilitated by Kathleen Gonzalez and Sanna Olive alongside a MOONTIDE Dj set to conclude the celebration.

You can check out some of Moontide’s previous sets at the link below: 

We are partnering with Yarra Valley Ecoss, and a portion of each ticket fee will go towards expanding this growing community. The tickets for this event are booked through Humanitix, of which the booking fees are donated to Yalari, a not-for-profit organisation offering secondary education scholarships at leading Australia boarding schools for indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities.

Places are limited to the capacity of the Tipi so please book your place early to avoid disappointment. You can book your place via the link below –

Rare & Heritage Fruit Grafting Day & Scion Swap

Heritage & Rare Fruit Network

Grafting & Scion Swap  

The Heritage and Rare Fruit Network passes down to new generations the ancient knowledge and skills of grafting, with grafting workshops held at the same time as the sharing, swapping and selling of fruit tree material and information.

Date:           Saturday 28th July, 2018  
Time:          10:00 to 3:00 pm  
Entrance:  $5.00  
Place:          The Coop
                       Yarra Valley ECOSS  

Heritage trees and scion for sale

Reconciliation Week Event 2018

ECOSS is committed to keeping the conversation going about the current and past state of affairs of our Indigenous Custodians on who’s land we stand and reside.  Whilst we understand the issues associated with Reconciliation Day, we are taking the opportunity to create public events whereby the community can come together, honour and show respect for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, children and elders both past and present.

Together with Cire Services, we bring you-

  • Welcome to Country by local Wurundjeri Elder- Aunty Kim Wandin.
  • Wayapa Wuurrk- Earth Mindfulness Meditation- how to connect to country whether you’re indigenous or not.  This special process is led by local indigenous woman Michelle Atwell.
  • Bush Food Display, by Peter Lorback, who has very extensive knowledge on Bush Foods.
  • Botanical Eco Dyed Prayer Flag decorating by Vickie Basdeo of Peace Farm.  These will hang as an annual prayer for all indigenous people.
  • Kids ochre body painting- for earthy fun for the kids.
  • Live Music by Muz & Aladdin and Friends
  • Native BBQ includes; wallaby, kangaroo and emu sausages and for the vegetarian/vegans- ECOSS home grown organic pumpkin soup and more.

As this is a community event, please feel free to volunteer, offer an appropriate activity, or performance.  



Recycled Fashion Parade 2018 – The Show Must Go On!

What a fantastic Community event this turned out to be. 

We decided that ‘The Show Must Go On!’ – following the sad cancellation of Ecotopia 2018, we couldn’t let all the effort that had gone into creating those wonderful costumes go to waste!
I would love to thank everyone for such a fantastic community event. Thankyou Kofi and Yarra Valley Drummers for kicking the night off with a bang!
Thankyou Simon Oats and Karina Doughty for basically organising the event, performing, and all the preparations! Thankyou Cat McKay for tunes, thanks to 80’s Inferno inaugural performance! Thanks Joe Butler for generously cooking and serving food,Melanie Daymond for volunteering endlessly! Thanks Tom Neil BBQ chef, Andrew everything,
Brendan Jones MOOP Officer Jones, Sean Marler, and Amber Sprunt for being efficient, professional judges!
Thanks to all the donators of prizes! Thanks to all the designers and contestants- AND thanks to the audience! What would a show be without an audience?!!
Thanks Rod Neason for video! I didn’t get to take any photo’s, so here’s the link to the Facebook event, where video’s are being uploaded: