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Welcome to the ECOSS Schools Program. We are very excited to be able to offer schools such an innovative experiential program at a very low cost.

Come and immerse your class in experience-based learning, creating connections and inspiration from the beautiful outdoor environment at Ecoss. Students learn through hands-on activity sessions. Each program is led by an experienced Ecoss Education Facilitator and can be adapted to suit individual group needs. Research has shown that health and well being is interconnected with time spent in natural environments.

Our programs are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10, where sustainability is a cross-curriculum priority. They provide an excellent means of teaching across the learning areas in an integrated way.

Most activity sessions run for approximately 45 minutes and are tailored to the age and ability of each student group.

You can choose up to 5 sessions for a full day program or less if you would like a 3/4 or 1/2 day program or just a tour. We can be very flexible in the activities that we conduct, and we are happy to put together a program for your students that specifically addresses your particular curriculum needs.

For bookings and further information email: or phone (03) 5967 2416

Incursions: $450 for 4 hrs
Excursions: $400 for up to 20 children for full day
+$12.50 for each extra child

Costs can be adapted for different time frames. Please contact us if cost is an issue.

Cancellation fees apply.

Practical Earth Education pdf for print

Early Childhood Program
Primary Program
Secondary Program
School Holidays


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