Cire Services at ECOSS

The collaboration between Cire Services and ECOSS has strengthened this year, and we are currently working together on the following programs:

Gatherings of………. series of artistic workshops every month.

Horticulture Taster Courses.

Cert 2 in Horticulture (VET program)

Cert 2 in Horticulture (community course)

Cire Community School are undertaking the following projects at ECOSS:

Year 7 Frog Bog and Melbourne Water Frog Census.

Year 9 Biofiltration System project sponsored by Melbourne Water Rural Land Program and Australian Ecosystems.

Year 11 and 12, large ECOSS entry sign- multi modality, and other art projects.

Year 9 Demonstration Earth Wall: Poured earth, Cob, Strawbale, and Bottle.


We are planning many more joint programs in the near future.


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