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MS AnnwebMS karinawebscopiuscollegeweb               Screen shot 2016-12-06 at 2.46.06 PM Welcome to the ECOSS Schools Program.  We are very excited to be able to offer schools such an innovative program at a very low cost.  The fee structure at the bottom of the flyer applies for a day visit. Included in our schools program are subjects that align with many learning outcomes.  We have included Sustainable Building, Sustainable Farming, and Alternative Energies into our program. Please email Chelsea on for further information on this program as it is still under construction.
Compost and Worm Spaghetti30 minute activity.
In this activity kids get hands on and up close to the worms.  They gain an understanding of the role worms play in our soil health, and at the same time an appreciation of how Alive our soils are.  The cycle of life and our role in the health of our ecosystem.  Presented in a fun and imaginative way, kids seems to be fascinated with their plate of Worm Spaghetti.
Tall Trees- 30 minute activity
Presented by Warburton Environment- Co-locators of ECOSS, kids learn about the functions of our forests, and the tallest flowering plants in the world in the forests that we can see from ECOSS.  Kids learn the basics of hydrology and forest biodiversity.  This is all magically presented in an interactive game for all abilities.  Kids find this activity fun, and gain appreciation of the Great Dividing Range.
Propagation Station and Hot House Tour.30 minute activity
In this activity kids propagate their own organic seedling to take home with them.  Kids learn about the difference between Organic and non Organic seeds and potting mix, and gain understanding of why we would choose to have an organic farm.  Kids also get to walk through the large polytunnels that house our organic seedlings, followed by the organic and biodynamic farm tour.  Its an introduction to the very beginnings of food production that they may buy in the shops. An understanding of the complete process of propagation to plate is gained.
ECOSS Discovery Tour. 45 minute activity
On this tour you can expect to enter through our living tunnel, take a moment in our Indigenous Reconciliation Conversation Fire Pit, quietly creep past our Earth Goddess so as not to wake her up!  Tour our rare breed chook pen, inside our Organic Heritage Seed Espalier Orchard.  
Kids get to experience the herb garden in a way that they gain a level of appreciation they have never had before with a magical smell enhancing solution.  Weaving through the Community Vegetable Garden.
Then we check out our frog bog, our Bio filtration project, past the community pottery studio, see the seedlings in the polytunnel, followed by a tour through our Sustainable Building Centre.  We come together around Somalian and Bengali rocket fuel stoves whilst discovering the earth bag seats, hemp crete and straw bale demonstration walls.
Bees and Honey. 30 minute activity
Presented by Yarra Valley Bee Group, co-locators at ECOSS, the kids get to learn about the different types of bee hives housed at ECOSS, and just how important bees are to our environment.    They get to view through the viewing window into the world of the honey bee.  They get to try the smoking machine and try on the beekeepers wears.  Then the sweetest part of the lesson is the honey tasting- yum! 
Ponding and Mini Beasts. 30 minute activity 
Get a bit wet whilst discovering the mini beasts in our pond.  What is their function?  Why do we need these critters?  Is our water healthy?  Kids will love this hands on activity.

Learn about Melbourne Water Frog Census, what is the life cycle of a frog?

Sustainable Building Project. 4 hour activity Year 8 and older
Get hands on and work on our latest Sustainable Building Project.   Current projects include our Earthship and Koori Cubby.  This could include a number of Sustainable Building Techniques including earth building, glass bottle walls, Cob, carpentry, straw bale and more.  Guided by our experienced ECOSS Youth Workers and  teaching staff, this is a 4 hour project.  Alternative fee structure applies.
Permaculture and Farming Techniques: Sustainable Livestock Management. 1.5 hours VCE Level Activity
This encompasses the great knowledge of Chris Brock- Seed Savers Network, in soil biodiversity and health.  Learn how to host the healthiest animals you can, whilst improving soil biodiversity, and essentially enhancing carbon storage.  You will learn the latest in best practice livestock management.  All incorporated in a permaculture design.

The following classes are currently unavailable:

Sustainable Building Techniques, Demonstration and Theory. 1 1/2 hours or activity time can be designed to schools needs, VCE level activity

In this practical lesson we look into ‘what is shelter’, what are the essentials in building design, passive solar design.  We measure temperatures of model houses when placed in different orientations to the sun, the function of eves, thermal mass, and insulation.
This subject is very progressive and will definitely leave you considering your future designs for your choice in living environments.
Harvesting Natural Energies. 3.5hours Year 9-12 students.
Students gain understanding of solar, hydro, and wind power.  Look into the mechanisms of harnessing power from these elements, how much power can be harnessed?  How does it work?  Students gain electronics knowledge and get to make small conductors using electronics tools. 

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