Natural Building Workshops

SB7web SBweb               Yarra Valley ECOSS is proud to present our unique Natural building workshops. Well known local Natural Builder Tom Neil and Martin Croydon will be hosting the series of workshops currently scheduled for October 2017. Our straw bale workshops will run on three weekends, the first weekend (October 14th and 15th) will cover the laying of the bales cutting bales and tying them together and applying chicken wire. The second weekend (October 28th 29th) will be the first render coat and the third weekend will be (November18th 19th )will be the final render coat. The cost will be $100 or person per day with a $100 discount if you book and pay for all  6 days. The days will go from 8 am till 4 pm. Participants will be able to learn everything they need to know to to carry out a similar project for themselves. We will be converting a steel truss frame shed 10 metres by 8 metres into a straw bale construction and rendering it . There will be a professional carpenter, steelworker and renderers on site to help and pass on their knowledge Tom can be contacted on: 0447384738 or via Email:

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