Bedouin Stretch Tent

stretch tentScreen shot 2016-04-14 at 10.57.17 AMYarra Valley ECOSS was able to purchase a Bedouin Stretch Tent via funding for Ecopotia Junction Festival 2014. The funding was generously given by Melbourne Water for their good will, and will pass this good will on by enabling the Stretch tent to be used by Not for Profit groups for their fundraising.

If you are interested in hiring the Stretch Tent please read the information below and contact Chelsea McNab at our office on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Contact: phone: 03 5967 2416 or Email:

Not for Profit Groups:

ECOSS will hire the Stretch Tent for a small fee of $200 with refundable bond of $300 to over any damages incurred and for maintenance.

Commercial or Private groups:

ECOSS will hire the Stretch Tent for a fee of $300 with a refundable bond of $300 to cover any damages incurred and for maintenance.

Yarra Valley ECOSS would like acknowledgement for sponsoring events when the Stretch Tent is used, and acknowledgement for Melbourne Water for enabling the purchase. 

When using the Stretch Tent, please ensure that the utmost care is taken with that assembly and pack down, and please alert ECOSS if the tent id returned wet or damp.

We hope that the use of the Stretch Tent assists your Not for Profit group in their fundraising endeavors.

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