Earth Kids Play Day

Although the weather on the day was disasterous, the day was well attended and held a really great vibe!
We were able to hold all the activities within the Coop- which the fire was going and lunch was cooking- so it was a beautiful space to be in.

We started the day at 11am with our Worm Spaghetti activity- this teaches kids about worms and composting and the role in the environment- the kids loved it, they get a plate of soil and worms (spaghetti bolognaise), and they need to separate the worms from the bolognaise, they look right into the soil microbiology and realise they have millions of critters on their plates!

Next they all got to propagate themselves some winter seedlings – with our Certified Organic Seedlings. These two activities were sponsored by Cire Services.

After that we served lunch- ECOSS home grown pumpkin soup and BBQ.

Then Yarra Valley Water show ‘Choose Tap’ occurred, which was a fantastic engaging story on where our water comes from, and how we keep it clean. This was run by talented performer Will Tait.

Followed by Clay Play- and improv story of a wombat led by the story telling extraordinaire Simon Oats.

Everyone loved the day. 

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