Edible Plants Nursery

Currently Closed

We are seeking expert volunteers to assist in reviving our nurseries- please contact info@ecoss.org.au

CURRENTLY WE STOCK HERBS AND VEGETABLE SEEDLINGS IN THE SHOP.  WE ARE NOT TAKING ORDERS IN THE NURSERY AT THE MOMENT SORRY! Edible Plants Nursery Our Edible Plants Nursery is organic. We provide a wide range of organic seedlings.  All seedling punnets are grown from heritage, open-pollinated, non-hybrid seeds by our work for the dole volunteers.  Our potting mix is also certified organic. In line with our mission to engage disadvantaged young people, community volunteers and work experience placement participants are involved in every aspect of the nursery. IMG_9325 Our Edible Nursery is our first community enterprise and was established in 2012. We have always grown according to organic principles.  The nursery produces a range of organically-grown vegetable seedlings, herbs, berries and fruit trees suitable for growing in the Yarra Valley. The Nursery commenced in the UYCH hothouse (close to the car-park area), previously used for horticultural classes. In 2013 it was relocated to the two newly-erected hothouses located above the dam. Seedlings are being propagated and sold to order to commercial growers throughout Victoria and seedlings and plants are being sold locally through retail outlets, at weekend markets and festivals. Nursery Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am-4pm Retail Price: $3.50 per punnet.  Ecoss Members $3.00 Current Seedlist & Order Form: Contact Us:  Please feel welcome to contact us to place orders and discuss our services at: Office Tel:  03 5967 2416 (Tues, Wed, Thurs, 10am to 4pm only) Email: info@ecoss.org.au

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