Spring Festival 2018






Saturday September 22nd 10am-4pm
will be our Annual Spring Fest Extravaganza! 

Wake up and Bloom for Spring.  This year’s abundant festivities include ‘The Great Ecological Race’- wheelbarrow race between Middle years kids and their parents, MC’d by the Fabulous and Fantastic Will Tait.  

Welcome to Country with Aunty Kim Wandin- (Wandoon), local Wurundjeri Elder.

Multicultural performances from Chin Community Dancers, Aztec Dance, Sarita McHarg- Sitar Player and Singer,  Zaar Belly Dance, Tomi Muramatsu, Gustavo’s Drummers, Tuvaluan Dancers, MOOP Officers: Will Tait and Brendan Jones, Stage MC’d by the charismatic and talented Simon Oats.

Tiny House talks and tours, Bio-dynamic Farm tour, Yarra Valley Bee Group Talks, ECOSS projects tour, and GRAND OPENING OF RELAB- (rehab for old items- up cycling and boutique craft centre!).  

Eco – Market with delicious local, healthy food and drinks!

Meet- Yarra Valley Bee Group, Kids Clay play in the Community Pottery Studio, LGBTQI+ rainbow flag painting, apple peeling and loads more activities underway. 

STALLHOLDER APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW- email: ecotopiastalls@ecoss.org.au

The Spring Fest is ECOSS’s largest fundraising event in the year.  This is how we keep ECOSS’s activites low cost and accessible for the whole community. ECOSS supports many Not for Profit groups through out the year, and here is your chance to support ECOSS.  Please come along with generous limbs and help to make this the most successful fundraising event it can be!

Introducing some performers:

Aunty Kim Wandin (Wandoon), Wurundjeri Elder, will Welcome us to this Country.  We are incredibly grateful to have Aunty Kim- and Michelle Atwell pictured as supporters of what we do here at ECOSS.  Come and pay respects to the elders, the people, and the land we walk upon.





Sarita McHarg:

Dr Sarita McHarg was born at Ujjain, India, on the 11th of May 1977, to folk singers Pundit Hira Singh Borliya and Srimati Anusuya Borliya. As a child growing up in a family of professional musicians and singers, Sarita learned various forms of Indian dance and folk singing, especially the Kabeer and Malwa traditions. As a teenager, she took an interest in sitar and, thus, began her classical music studies under the guidance of Kumari Vinita Mahurkar.

An All India Radio artist, Sarita has performed on sitar and surbahar, and as vocalist both in India and abroad, and she enjoys the benefit of vast musical experience with Western and Indian musicians. She performed with World Music Orchestra at the 2007 International Jazz Festival in Melbourne, Australia; and in Nepal with visiting American jazz musicians at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory in 2009. Most recently, Sarita performed to high acclaim at the famous Mahakal Temple, Ujjain, in July 2016.
Sarita continued her study of Indian Classical sitar and surbahar under guidance of her beloved gurus, India’s First Lady of Sitar, Srimati Joyas Biswas of Kolkata, and Srimati Ragini Trivedi of Indore. She also furthered her study of Indian classical vocals and folk singing under the guidance of Srimati Girija Devi, Pundit Ramakant Dubey (classical) and her father, Pundit Hira Singh Borliya (folk).


Will Tait:

Will Tait is a songsmith, MC and presenter with a passion for inspiring wonder and revealing the hidden potential in situations and gatherings. He is motivated by the idea that our modern global culture is reaching out for a new story about the workings of the world, a story in which we see ourselves as integrally connected to each other and our universe. Through music, theatre, whole-heartedness and humour he aims to create moments of sharing, inspiration and joy that help make this new story tangible and trustworthy.


Brendan Jones:

Have you ever seen a flaming trumpetist? What about a rolling club jugglist? Flaming trumpets and one wheel club juggling you ask? That’s an impossible task! Or is it? Presenting Blunderbuss Jones. Musician, artist, performer. He club throws, rolls and trumpet fire blows. With a fun and original, bouncy soundtrack for stage or roving. Lighting up spaces with a-blazing horn, keeping you all deliciously warm!




Tuvalu Dancers:

These beautiful Tuvaluan Dancers represent our local Tuvaluan Community.  Keeping Culture alive, they also educate the community about the devastating effects global warming is having on their tiny island with rising sea levels.


Simon Oats:

Simon Oats is an acclaimed storyteller, singer, songwriter, actor and playwright. 
Orpheus in the Underworld is the epic tale of one man’s quest to take back his lover from the Gods of death – told through eleven songs and the voices of 6 different characters. Simon has performed Orpheus in Arts centres, private homes and even for a hen’s night. His fans include a Pulitzer Prize winner and a Hells Angel.




Meet Arvo, musical prodigy.  Arvo can play just about any instrument he picks up- and well!  Arvo will be showing off his Looping Cello skills on stage at the Spring Fest.

Arvo is a music teacher at Little Yarra Steiner School and will be running classes at ECOSS.






Hunch explores boundaries through spoken word with rambunctionus rantings of insight, self loathing and self acceptance.  Known for his signature syncopated style and twisted lyrics, he searches for humour and meaning in the dark recesses of the human condition.  He’s obsessed with electronic music because he’s actually a robot, but he’s trying hard to be human.

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