Stallholder Application

NOTICE: Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus.

Ecotopia is on again!!  On Sunday March 29th 2020 Yarra Valley ECOSS will be hosting another wonderful community festival in the beautiful Yarra Ranges (Yarra Junction Parklands). 

We welcome new participants and those who have been part of Ecotopia previously. 
Please have a read of the information below and if you are interested in a space at the festival please fill in the application form below.

All enquiries will be attended to after the 28th of January when we return.
Stalls must be associated with the theme of sustainability in some way (in its broadest sense!

Social, ecological, community etc.) If there is no demonstrable way in which stall holders or their products contribute to ecological or social sustainability, we reserve the right to refuse application.  Alternatively, we encourage growth and change and are more than happy to assist groups new to the ideas of sustainability to transition to more sustainable practices
should you be interested.  

Please note: We aim for zero waste at all our events and ask all stalls holder to not use single use packaging this includes no plastic bags or goods wrapped in disposable packaging.

Food and coffee fees include Wash Against Waste as below:

$150- coffee + $20- WAW=$170 

$110- food + $20- Wash Against Waste=$130
$55- snacks, includes cakes etc + $10- WAW=$65

(We are only charging $20 for food and coffee or $10 for smaller stalls. For our Wash Against Waste Service. Our maths shows that a food / drinks vendor would spend around the following amount on compostable items: Therefore, you are not only saving the planet but you are saving $$$$

  • 100 bowls or plates only – around $15-$20
  • 100 bowls or plates with 2 pieces of cutlery – around $30
  • 500 hot drinks cups – around $50) 

All stall sites will be 3m X 3m and you may book and pay for more than 1 if required. All stall fees are to be paid PRIOR to the festival, you will receive an invoice upon your notification of successful application and your place will only be guaranteed upon receipt of payment.

Cancellation Policy: Any stall cancellations made after the 22nd March will not be refunded.

Please fill in all of the details below if you wish to apply to be a stall holder at the Ecotopia Earth Festival 2020. Note that filling in this application does not entitle you to a stall at the market – we will be in contact ASAP with more information.

The decision criteria will be based on:
how closely your produce and practices match the ethos of the market
whether we already have plentiful coverage of your produce/product as we aim to support and encourage the success of each stallholder





Only complete applications will be considered. Confirmation of a place will be provided within 2 weeks of your complete application.
If accepted, I will comply with the conditions of the market management. The information provided is current and I will advise management of any changes to my business, current market commitments or if I want to apply to add to my list of produce/product. Your acceptance is on our consideration of existing stallholders and seasonality.

All stallholders are to provide weights for securing marquees. Note: the ground is not suitable for pegging.
PAYMENT: Information will be provided once acceptance is given to stallholders.

CANCELLATION POLICY: WEATHER - Ecotopia Earth Festival 2020 is an outdoor event. In the event of extreme weather conditions, the event may be cancelled (extreme heat, heavy rain, strong wind). Ecotopia Earth Festival 2020 will cancel the event on any extreme / code red fire rating days.
In the unfortunate event that cancellation takes place, stallholder registration fees will be refunded.

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